The Dulcimer in Scotland

The Dulcimer has a long history in Scotland, predating the
introduction of free reed instruments such as concertinas,
melodeons and accordions. For more information on the
dulcimer in Scotland and the rest of the British Isles see
Dulcimer Players and their Instruments by David Kettlewell

"the dulcimer was popular enough in Glasgow around 1910
or 1920 for contests to be held. Playing continues in that
city, where a dulcimer club perpetuates local tradition."
- Paul M Gifford, The Hammered Dulcimer – A History.

Glasgow Dulcimer Group Photographs 1985-87 (sound clips added )

Do you have any photographs of dulcimer players in the People's Palace? If you do, please email me

“Every second or third house you went to in Coatbridge, Bellshill,
Motherwell, all miners, with no radio in those days you see,
an' 'course, if they didna' play a melodeon or a mouth organ,
they'd play the dulcimer.” - Andy Fagan

The life and times of a Dulcimer Player - Andy Fagan Interview

“Although players were most numerous in Glasgow and in
neighbouring Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, one could hear the dulcimer
during the early twentieth century in other parts of Scotland”

Paul M Gifford, The Hammered Dulcimer – A History.

James Watt (1736-1819) Dulcimer Maker?

"I can speak from experience of
his (James Watt) teaching me how to make a dulcimer "
- Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck – Great Gentlemen and Famous Women vol.6

The Dulcimer in Ayrshire -

“ As is the way with Ayrshire junior football, a rammy ensued
during which the visiting fans, including the band, invaded the
field to participate in the fisticuffs. Thus, as Roger (Hynd)
reports, one of the Glenbuck Cherrypickers
''got a battering with a dulcimer''. – The Herald”


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